Breakthrough: Oils on canvas 2020 102x76cms
Alas from chaos comes calm. Her shattered dreams are no longer, she dreams another dream.

Elevate Oils on canvas 2022 93x72cm. Take me higher and higher to a place I may remain forever in blissful joy and peace. Take me to that place I know as home

Rise Above 2020

Rise Above 2020 Oils on canvas 72x60cms
Care not for what others may think. Hold your own, protect it, guard it because it’s yours to own.

Deep in Nature 2 Oils on canvas 2021 82x60cm
The deeper I go the more I unravel the mysteries of my soul. The deeper I go the more I want to know.

Deep in Nature 2
What Love Feels Like 2019

What Love Feels Like 2019 Oils and gold acrylics on canvas 92x61cm
Like a spark of electricity, a flutter or a missed heartbeat. Oh, my beautiful heart your experiences seem to be endless.